why export


UK companies which export are responsible for 60 per cent of national productivity growth and more than 70 per cent of UK business research and development.

Trading internationally will help you

• Open access to new sources of revenue
• Allow you to spread risk across a wider range of customers
• Increase your turnover and increase stability
• Extend the market for specific products
• Ensure that you are aware of international competition
• Attract better people to join your team
• Gain global recognition


Research clearly shows exporting gives you a competitive advantage and leads to more sales and new trade opportunities.
Exporting can also be a catalyst for innovation which will spur you to develop new and modified products to meet the needs of international customers and this will help you to gain and retain a competitive advantage in your home market.

We endorse academic research confirms that exporting companies:
• are more productive and innovative than non-exporters;
• are more resilient to an economic downturn;
• achieve stronger financial performance;
• have a higher profile and more credibility; and
• are more likely to stay in business



We know that exporting is not just for bigger businesses as a recent survey showed that three in every four smaller companies planned to export more in the coming year.
An increasing number of young companies are grabbing international opportunities from an early stage as almost 1 in 5 new firms are currently active abroad and so, have been doing business overseas since they started trading.
Go International can help you join this growing club and gain the export advantage