Ulrick & Short design, develop and supply clean label, non-GM food ingredients in the form of starches, proteins, fibres and flours and our objective was to help the company with sourcing and supply of non-GM food ingredients from China.

We worked with the company to identify potential suppliers in China and carried out due diligence and then we arranged for Ulrick & Short to visit each of the factories to ensure that they could meet the stringent requirements for supplying the food ingredients including ethical checks on each company, quality of ingredients, capability to supply on a regular basis.

These intensive preparations for the visit included several coaching sessions with the senior team and directors on Chinese business culture and basic language training.

Following the visit to China and sample order placed with the factory we have continued to building the relationship with the Chinese supplier, communication between the two companies, advice on developing testing procedures for the ingredients and other issues which have arisen.

The process of coaching over a period of many months brought the following results.

  • Identification of new suppliers in China
  • Understanding of relationship building with suppliers in China
  • Significant improvement of supply security
  • Have leveraged reductions in their cost base
  • Maintained their non-GM status in line with Marks & Spencer (ISYS) certification