Go International will help companies in the following way

Export Readiness

Go International will evaluate the appropriateness of your products and services for export and the infrastructure you have in place to support international trade.

From our experience many businesses find the range of bespoke and enhanced services essential in establishing their readiness and our assessment will include reviews of intellectual property risks, trademarks, branding, packaging, pricing, safety certification, customs regulations and relevant legislation. We can also consider a review of your infrastructure, covering sales & marketing, operations, and financial readiness.

While you are at the early stages of evaluating the opportunity for your business in international trade, the Go International Assessment is an invaluable step in identifying the gaps that need filling.

Goods or Services to Market

Whether you’re shipping physical goods or providing services, a successful export business relies on delivering in a timely and efficient manner, while making provision for insurance & risk management and local regulations.

Go International will ensure that you have all the bases covered.

Export Documentation

Having the relevant, appropriate and correctly completed documentation is one of the most complex and potentially problematic areas for a new export business to navigate and therefore represents one of the biggest barriers to effective exporting.

Navigating your way through the ever-changing regulations for the relevant documents can be time-consuming to get right and costly to get wrong and the accurate completion and official authentication of export documentation is vital if customs penalties and delays are to be avoided and shipments are to make delivery deadlines.

Channels to Market

Effective distribution is a key element of exporting into any new market and so keeping new customers satisfied and having local representatives to deal with service issues will build loyalty and repeat business.

For those considering international trade for the first time or looking at exporting to a new market  we can give insight into the typical B2C and B2B distribution channels and practical advice on selecting and establishing agreements with local market agents and distributors.

Go International can also help with introductions to local market distributors with matchmaking services, helping you to identify and contact potential distributors or partners in new markets. Such introductions can not only increase your speed to market, but open doors to further relationship and network-building which can lead to export success.

Export Marketing

One of the most obvious challenges when exporting to a new overseas market is not only to understand and navigate the local cultural customs but often to do so in a different language.

Go International  provide overseas marketing services and translation & interpreting services and as your overseas business expands, when the time comes Go International can advise on all aspects of setting up an overseas office.

Market Development

Once set up overseas, growing and maintaining your market share is often the priority. Our network can help you develop market opportunities and your physical presence to further penetrate the market and capture new business opportunities in secondary and regional cities. Support is also available to strengthen joint venture partnerships with local companies, launch new products and strengthen local marketing strategies, all of which are important at the next stage of your export journey.